सोने में तेजी, कच्चा तेल 58 डॉलर के आसपास

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय बाजार में सोने में तेजी देखने को मिल रही है और इसका भाव 1300 डॉलर प्रति औंस के पार निकल गया है। अंतर्राष्ट्रीय बाजार में कच्चे तेल में भी तेजी आई है। कच्चा तेल 58 डॉलर प्रति बैरल के आसपास कारोबार कर रहा है।


एंजेल कमोडिटीज के अनुज गुप्ता की निवेश सलाह

सोना एमसीएक्स: खरीदें – 29800, स्टॉपलॉस – 29650, लक्ष्य – 30100

कच्चा तेल एमसीएक्स: खरीदें – 3280, स्टॉपलॉस – 3230, लक्ष्य – 3380

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Crude futures rose nearly two percent as the dollar index hit the lowest since September 26 following an array of data from China and the US the world’s largest economy and amid expectations that US president Donald Trump will rescind the nuclear deal with Iran which led to the recovery of the country’s oil exports. On the same day the International Energy Agency released its monthly report at which it forecast global demand growth for oil next year at 1.4 million bpd while forecasting an increase in oil supplies outside OPEC by 700 thousand bpd in 2017 and by 1.8 million bpd in 2018, to reach 59.6 million bpd. The report showed global crude supplies rose 90 thousand bpd in September however the IEA pointed to general stability in the oil market recently while expecting oil inventories to fall by 110 thousand bpd this year and by 200 thousand bpd in 2018. Oil futures are heading for the best weekly profit in a month after Saudi Arabia’s energy ministry announced that Aramco will cut 560 thousand bpd in exports in November, as the world’s largest crude exporter plans to export 7.15 million bpd despite the upward demand of 7.7 million bpd.



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Commodity,MCX Market Update – World’s biggest oil company plans mega investment in India

Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil giant has “mega investment” plans for the world’s fastest growing oil market, according to Saudi Arabian Oil Co.’s chief executive officer.


The company, popularly known as Saudi Aramco, plans to create a fully integrated business in India and is interested in partnering with Indian companies, including in a planned large refinery project on India’s west coast, CEO Amin Nasser said in New Delhi on Monday.

“India has all the signs of a prosperous economy that is on the move. This is a market of investment priority and not a choice anymore,” Nasser said at the Indian Energy Forum by CERAWeek. “We have a number of partners with whom we are going to have serious discussions.”

Saudi Arabia has been edged out as the top oil supplier to India amid an intensifying race among producers to retain their most-prized markets. India, which imports about 80 percent of its crude requirement, has been diversifying its sources of oil supply and is seeking more favorable terms from producers in the Middle East. It received its first oil cargo from the U.S. this month.
Saudi Aramco held talks with India’s state-owned oil companies led by Indian OilBSE 0.21 % Corp. to discuss participation in the 60 million ton a year refinery being set up in the state of Maharashtra on India’s west coast, Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on Monday at the same event.

The oil industry is pinning its hopes on India and China, together home to four of every 10 people in the world, as demand elsewhere remains weak while production stays high, keeping prices low. India’s oil demand is forecast to grow 135,000 barrels a day this year and 275,000 barrels a day in 2018, according to the International Energy Agency.

Saudi Aramco opened an office in India this week primarily to market crude oil and liquefied petroleum gas as well as to provide engineering and technical services in the country. Nasser said Aramco’s plans for India would cover oil supply, refining, marketing, renewables as well as manufacturing petrochemicals and lubricants.

India’s oil consumption surged 11 percent in 2016 to the most on record as rising income levels spurred greater use of cars, trucks and motorbikes.

“By 2040, India is likely to be among the fastest growing oil markets, with demand almost doubling to about 10 million barrels per day. Meanwhile, demand for gas is expected to more than triple over the same period,” Nasser said.

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Oil futures tumbled nearly three percent in American trade as the dollar index hit the highest since July 26 following an array of data from the US the world’s largest energy consumer and as investors reassess the forecasts on the path of Storm Nate which might not hit rig locations in Mexico Gulf after all. Earlier Saudi king Salman pledged with Russian president Vladamir Putin in this week’s visit to continue cooperation to maintain balance in the global oil market. However Kremlin spokesman said that Russian president Vladamir Putin didn’t suggest on Saudi king Salman to extend the global out output deal expounding that Putin is all acknowledging the possibility of an extension. President Putin said Wednesday that Russia will work with Saudi Arabia to carry out the global output deal agreed upon between OPEC and other producers to cut production by 1.8 million bpd until next March to bring back balance to the oil market.


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सोने में कमजोरी कायम, कच्चा तेल उछला

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय बाजार में सोने की कीमतों में कमजोरी जारी है। वहीं, कच्चे तेल में तेजी आई है। अंतर्राष्ट्रीय बाजार में कच्चे तेल में 2 फीसदी की उछाल देखने को मिला है और इसका भाव 57 डॉलर प्रति बैरल के आसपास आ गया है।

सोने में आई कमजोरी, कच्चे तेल में तेजी

कुंवरजी ग्रुप के रिसर्च हेड रवि दियोरा की निवेश सलाह

कॉपर एमसीएक्स: खरीदें – 438, स्टॉपलॉस – 435 और लक्ष्य – 443

सोना एमसीएक्स: बेचें – 29450, स्टॉपलॉस – 29200

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सोने में सुस्ती, कच्चा तेल 56 डॉलर के नीचे

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय बाजार में सोने में हल्की कमजोरी देखने को मिल रही है और इसका भाव 1275 डॉलर प्रति औंस के नीचे दिख रहा है। वहीं कच्चे तेल में भी कमजोरी बनी हुई है। अंतर्राष्ट्रीय बाजार में कच्चा तेल 56 डॉलर प्रति बैरल के नीचे फिसल गया है।

सोने में आई कमजोरी, कच्चे तेल में तेजी

एसएमसी कॉमट्रेड की एवीपी वंदना भारती की निवेश सलाह

नैचुरल गैस एमएक्स: खरीदें – 193, स्टॉपलॉस – 191 और लक्ष्य – 197

कॉपर एमसीएक्स: खरीदें – 428, स्टॉपलॉस – 425 और लक्ष्य – 436

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